Presenter Info

What you need to do

  • Arrive early at 7:30AM with a table (and chairs if you need them), and any supplies or equipment needed to show off your program!

  • Demonstrate some aspect of your youth program's activity. If possible, allow some students 'hands on' opportunities.  For example, practicing a soccer drill, trying out equipment, doing a craft or following a yoga routine.

  • No hand outs or food should be distributed. Wrist bands with your info may be given out if desired. Students will not be carrying bags, collecting info or 'give aways'.

  • Each presenter's program info will be put into a directory that will be given to each student.

(Arts & Science)

Outdoor Recreation

Pay for Play

(bowling, lessons,
skating, etc)

Yoga & Martial Arts

League Sports

Young Life &
Church Groups/Camps

Scouts & 4H


We will be assigning all presenters to a shelter/area of the park based on the activity they offer.

  • Presenters will receive information about their location in advance. There may also be a planning meeting.

  • Like groups will be together, such as league sports, the Arts etc.  Similar groups are encouraged to work together if it would increase impact, by sharing a table or coordinating which hands-on activities will be offered by whom.  Baseball teams from different communities could work together for example.

  • Students will arrive by bus and be routed to large stations that are similar in category. Rotations will be scheduled, so that all students experience each station. Groups sizes are expected to be between 60 and 80 students.  Each station could have as little as 5 youth programs or as many as 20.

  • Volunteers  will help with set-up and student flow.

  • School teachers will stay with their classes during rotation.